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Ebook Deals Today | September 19, 2017

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Lady Justice and the Geriatric Gumshoes by Robert Thornhill

August 28, 2017 |

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Inspired by their hero, Walt Williams, three retirees decide to give Lady Justice a helping hand.
Although their intentions are good, Read More

Lady Justice and the Cruise Ship murders by Robert Thornhill

August 8, 2017 |

Realtime Pricing: Amzn: $4.99

Ox and Judy are off to Alaska on a honeymoon cruise and invite Walt and Maggie to tag along.
Their vacation plans are soon shipwrecked by the murder of two fellow passengers. Read More

Lady Justice And Dr. Death by Robert Thornhill

May 22, 2017 |

Realtime Pricing: Amzn: $4.99

In Lady Justice And Dr. Death, a series of terminally ill patients are found dead under circumstances that point to a new Dr. Death practicing euthanasia in the Kansas City area. Read More

I HATE HOUSEWORK by Clare Macnaughton

March 29, 2017 |

Realtime Pricing: Amzn: $3.50

I HATE HOUSEWORK is for women who hate housework and being told what to do. If you feel that you are a slave to your family then read this book. Read More

Lady Justice and the Spy by Robert Thornhill

March 19, 2017 |

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Walt and his senior sidekicks match wits with a killer clown, and an assassin hired by Big Pharma to murder a holistic physician working on a cure for cancer. Read More

Royally Wrong: A British Bad Boy Romance (with bonus novel!) by Teagan Kade

February 24, 2016 |

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Fifth in line to the throne.
Off the rails.
Drop dead-freakin’-gorgeous.
Read More

Are You Wolf Enough? by Simos Symeonides

January 1, 2016 |

Realtime Pricing: Amzn: $2.99

If you want to experience more rejections in your life from women DO NOT BUY this ebook! On the other hand, Read More

The Case Of The Pinioned Bosoms: Inspector Cullot Mystery Series Book 2 by Alan Hardy

November 16, 2015 |

Realtime Pricing: Amzn: $0.99

After staying in the Swiss Alps for barely two days, Inspector Cullot knows there are going to be two murders committed at his hotel. Read More

A Certain Someone by Ali O’Donovan

June 27, 2015 |

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After losing her college sweetheart and her job, ex teacher Annie hides out in the wilds of West Kerry in Ireland to get her act together. Read More

Dang: Epsiode 1 by Rob D Smith

March 18, 2015 |

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Trailer parks. Rednecks with ambition. Media coverage. Murder. Moonshine and a pinch of Skoal. Read More