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Ebook Deals Today | July 12, 2024

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The St. Louis Enlows by L. P. Arnold

May 24, 2024 |

Price – $0.99

The story of the Enlow family and their friends is about coming home, family, neighborhoods, and friends, each of which enrich the lives of the people involved. The still existing area of St. Louis, Missouri called Tower … Read More

Madeleine and Jane: Lost and Found in the Sixties by Emily Fox Gordon

April 7, 2024 |

Price – $0.99

Madeleine and Jane, both in their early twenties, arrive separately in Manhattan in January 1968.

Jane is an aspiring writer seeking adventure, Madeleine, a fragile young woman fleeing an erotic nightmare. They meet by chance and throw … Read More

Semi-Gloss by Joe Barrett

April 4, 2024 |

Price – $0.99

“Funny as hell, brilliant dialogue, great characters who I just want to hang with forever and an air-tight story-line that thinks of every contingency and plans accordingly.” –Tom McCaffrey, bestselling author of The Claire Trilogy

What sucks … Read More

Clucked: A Quirky Nautical Tale of Adventure, Misadventure, and Justice Served by Troy Hollan

March 31, 2024 |

Price – $0.99

Love a good adventure story-one with sweet old dogs and flawed, yet lovable humans? Hate the idea of factory farming and animal abuse? If so, you’re gonna love Clucked! Clucked takes the reader, its bereaved Spam-loving protagonist, … Read More

The Weight of Water by W. A. Schwartz

March 16, 2024 |

Price – $0.99

Rachel and Talia Fontenot are sisters born into brutal, rural poverty of southeastern Louisiana in the 1960s.

Raised with one another until tragic circumstances intervene and they are separated. Talia disappearing into a life of drugs and … Read More

The Roof Above by Gail Dwyer

March 9, 2024 |

Price – $0.99

“Dwyer’s experiences as a West Point graduate, Army spouse, and mother of two combat Veterans shines through in her authentic and empathetic portrayal of military life. Highly recommended.” –Bob Mayer, NYT bestselling author, West Point graduate and … Read More

Crawl on Your Belly All the Days of Your Life by William J. Donahue

March 9, 2024 |

Price – $0.99

Once blessed with everything he thought he ever wanted, Sid Carver finds himself on the verge of collapse. A string of reckless decisions has left him without a family, without a career, without an identity.

The dark … Read More

One Hundred Silent Ways by A.A. Mohammad

November 21, 2022 |

Realtime Price – $2.99

Spring, 1988. Seventeen-year-old Noora is looking forward to starting college in the fall…but when her father Baba is called to fight overseas in the Soviet–Afghan War, the entire family leaves behind their house in Detroit, relocating … Read More

HOSTAGE TO FREEDOM by Richard Sorapure

October 19, 2021 |

Realtime Price – $2.44

The Fletchers are an English family living in expatriate comfort in Singapore in 2002 when a recession threatens their lifestyle. Geophysicist Michael and his son, Alex, are drawn into a marine survey to locate the Siren, … Read More

A Whisper of Angels by Lourdes Florido

June 14, 2021 |

Realtime Price – $3.99

Kept apart by society, two lovestruck mariners face the forces of time, death, and the afterlife in order to reunite.

At the peak of the whaling boom in New Bedford, Massachusetts, in 1857, Nicolas Adams and … Read More