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Ebook Deals Today | May 21, 2024

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Semi-Gloss by Joe Barrett

Semi-Gloss by Joe Barrett

Price – $0.99

“Funny as hell, brilliant dialogue, great characters who I just want to hang with forever and an air-tight story-line that thinks of every contingency and plans accordingly.” –Tom McCaffrey, bestselling author of The Claire Trilogy

What sucks about waking up next to a dead girl on a Saturday is, more than likely you’re gonna miss brunch.

Just ask Sammy Junior-full-time house painter, part-time street artist and, as of Saturday morning, prime suspect in a South Tampa homicide investigation. One more hassle he simply does not need.

Then there’s Penny Sullivan, a fifteen-year-old runaway who shows up in South Tampa that same Saturday morning with only her dead sister’s street smarts, a whole lot of survivor’s guilt, and a Canada backpack.

Misunderstandings lead to Penny joining Sammy’s crew, giving her a glimpse of the house painting business-where mind-numbing boredom inspires an acid-trip world of distraction, art and healing relationships.

A funny, fast-paced story about friendship and love, tragedy and redemption, and the always intriguing business of house painting.

Genre: Literary Fiction

Semi-Gloss by Joe Barrett

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