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Ebook Deals Today | September 21, 2017

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THE GREAT BETRAYAL by Millenia Black

romantic suspense ebook THE GREAT BETRAYAL by Millenia Black

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How deeply can the past be buried?

By all appearances, the Cavanaughs of West Palm have an ideal marriage and family life – the perfect home with few complications.

But castles built on sand are eventually washed away by the sea.

Meet the Players…

Leslie Cavanaugh––she’s not the woman she claims to be. Once Leslie Phillips, she’s hiding a painful secret that’s about to shake her family to its core.

Luke Cavanaugh––Leslie’s second husband, but he looks eerily like her first. An award-winning architect, Luke’s got designs on getting to the bottom of his wife’s past…in more ways than one.

Kathryn Cavanaugh––Luke and Leslie’s only daughter. In competition for her mother’s affection, Kate risks much more than the family’s good name with exploits of all the wrong places…

Dawn Chadwick––Leslie’s best only friend and sister in widowhood. What would Leslie have done without Dawn all these years? And what would Luke?

Grace Cunningham––abandoned at birth…and she’s pissed about it. What makes a mother abandon her child, not once, but twice in a lifetime?

Meanwhile, a mysterious couple secretly rendezvous in a Palm Beach bungalow…

In this steamy saga of lost love, marriage and motherhood, hidden secrets and shocking truths collide as Leslie Cavanaugh’s past rocks the present in the most intimate betrayal of all.

Genre: Romantic Suspense


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