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Ebook Deals Today | May 21, 2024

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Hot Doctor & Billionaire’s Daughter by Lauren Wood

Hot Doctor & Billionaire’s Daughter by Lauren Wood

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I’m told the symptoms of love can develop within minutes, days – sometimes months.
And Pierce is already showing quite a few of them, according to my friends.
The question is… Have I caught it too?

I have butterflies, sure. And a few other feelings – lust, attraction.
But that’s not love. I’ve known that from the beginning.
I never let myself mistake a simple superficial crush for the real deal.

But those intense caramel eyes of Dr. Pierce Rossi’s make me melt inside,
And his thick Italian accent is just the cherry on top of his chiseled muscles.
I guess it never occurred to me that a simple superficial crush…
could turn into the real deal if you’re not careful.

I have to remind myself why nothing I feel for Pierce can be real or lasting.
He’s also a bad boy biker, a notorious ladies’ man…
He’s slept with a bazillion women, probably even some I know.
He probably doesn’t want to be held back from sleeping with a bazillion more women.
He’s like a walking sex magnet. You don’t date that kind of guy.

Oh, and he’s fourteen years my senior.
Then there’s the fact that he works for my father.
And if he ever finds out we have less than a foot between us at any given time,
He’ll disown me and fire Pierce on the spot.

So I’m safe then. I have it all figured out.
All of those perfectly good reasons will prevent any feelings I could have caught,
And any that I might catch in the future.

But what they don’t teach you in medical school…
That the heart is prone to ignoring all logic and reason.

I can make all the lists of reasons in the world…
It’s not going to stop me from falling hard for this Italian heartthrob.

Note: adult only!

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Hot Doctor & Billionaire’s Daughter (Billionaire Doctors of Beverly Hills, Book 3) by Lauren Wood

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