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Ebook Deals Today | May 30, 2020

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Four Free Kindle Books from the Author, Taylor Andrews!

Ladies First by Taylor AndrewsLadies First

Join four young women unknown to each other as their lives intertwine with fate in a thrilling journey on destiny's path of intrigue, mystery, discovery, and triumph. Vicky Katz, the Jewish business graduate, Desiree Martinez, the Hispanic law student, Pasha Kennedy, the African American nurse, and Jennifer Post, the unemployed white girl. All of them beautiful, all of them smart and all of them are in each other's future. Watch and listen as they begin their life's incredible ride through their trials of pain, tragedy, hope, faith, and triumph. Each of our girls become faced with the challenge, and opportunity to attend one of the worlds foremost exclusive, private, women's institutions, known as the "Ladies First" Academy for Women.  

Mustard Seeds by Taylor Andrews

Mustard Seeds

A spiritual thriller. "An incredible journey of spirit and intrigue in a real time perspective." The beautiful young Mickey Gillette still lives at home with her mother and her Rottweiler, Bear. Both work for the city. Marty, her mother, heads the emergency medical response teams, and Mickey works as a 911 call center operator. Both deal with tragedy daily, and they do their jobs well. Follow Mickey and her two best friends, Lisa and Donnelli, on a radical journey in their lives, on life's unexpected terms. Ride along with the three girls as they become key players in a madman's attack on the Mile-High City, are they are the ones destiny has chosen to try and stop him? International intrigue and suspense fills the pages with unexpected characters and twists that will leave you guessing. The incredible epilogue will leave you with white knuckles, as you cheer. "This first of the thrilling series will leave you grasping for more."

Surrept by Taylor AndrewsSurrept

Take a wild journey in the lives of two strong young women who change the world, as we know it. Dana Underwood, an up and coming Real Estate star, and her glamorous nemesis Adriana Pucci, the personal assistant to men of power, have never met, yet their lives are intertwined in a suspenseful drama unlike any other you've ever read. This journey will leave you spellbound by incredible events that unfold before you as present day global tragedies cripple western society and alter the world forever. Follow along with Dana in her quest to stop the coldest woman on earth from altering its destiny. Watch and listen to the thoughts of treacherous Adriana as she seduces with a smile and posture that intoxicates those she targets in her conspiracies. This piece reads like a film in real time, and will leave you with thoughts unlike you have ever had.


Broken Bread by Taylor Andrews Broken Bread

A wonderful, all-ages short story that inspires. "A warm and inviting story that will raise your soul and open your mind as to how our lives may be effected by those we all hope for to influence our destiny." Lisa has worked as a dancer for Jack at the Lion's Den for six weeks. She took the job to make some quick cash. She soon discovers the proprietor Jack's evil nature and finds herself forced to make a crucial decision concerning free will. Will Lisa choose the right path? Across the street sits the Broken Bread Diner, where "All Are Welcome," and every first meal is free. Come in and warm your hearts with Betty, Miguel, Aggie, and the rest of the crew. See what old Charlie, the proprietor, has cooking for you. What you discover may surprise you and could change your life forever. "A really fun and comical read, the characters reach out and pull you in, the message will leave you smiling and filled with hope."


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