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Ebook Deals Today | June 13, 2021

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11/12 Ebook Deal of the Day $0.99 “The Barrister’s Gavel” by Nkorni Tankwa

0.99 “The Barrister's Gavel” by Nkorni Tankwa

Ebook Deal of the Day $0.99 “The Barrister’s Gavel” by Nkorni Tankwa

Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

The real life mystery of a stolen Rembrandt, an unconventional case, buried family secrets, backroom deals, lies, unseen truths and murder.

The Barrister’s Gavel will keep you guessing with twists and turns as it races from the Hoover building in D.C through the corridors of our judicial system into a dance studio in Essex County New Jersey.

Self-proclaim lifelong bachelor Daxton Longhorn is an Ivy League dropout turn dance instructor who isn’t afraid of breaking the rules. So what if he sleeps with the occasional married woman? It doesn’t affect his dancing. It doesn’t even affect his life in the long run—until he meets the stunning, married Gillian Kovack, and just has to have her. After Gillian’s husband catches them in bed together, Dax finds himself in court, accused of assault. Although his punishment won’t be severe, this indiscretion has opened the floodgates of accusation, and Dax can’t stop the rush of allegations from ruining his life. As he tries to unravel the truth about Gillian, he quickly learns that in order to avoid a lengthy prison sentence, he has to take a closer look at his estrange family and oddly enough, visit the circumstances surrounding the mystery of the Rembrandt painting stolen from the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts forty years ago. What on earth does a stolen Rembrandt have to do with Dax? And could the legal problems in Daxton’s present have anything to do with legal mistakes in his father’s past? Trying to make sense of his situation and staying one step ahead of the law, Daxton soon realizes that nothing is as it seems and will have to use every ounce of brain power to get to the bottom of what is quickly turning out to be the truth of his own existence.

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