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Ebook Deals Today | July 6, 2022

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Evil Follows, Book 1 by Lynn M. Stout

Evil Follows, Book 1 by Lynn M. Stout

Realtime Price – $3.99

The evil should have perished in the fire. Instead, it followed her home.

They found her sitting in her yard, unharmed, as the fire raged behind her. Her family and her home destroyed.

Thirty years later, Anna’s flashbacks are affecting her health and her job. Following the advice of her therapist, she begins to unearth memories of a traumatic childhood. As she gets closer to the truth, Anna begins hearing Ruthie, her childhood imaginary friend, whispering warnings to stop.

Believing those who say Ruthie is a manifestation of her own trauma, Anna ruthlessly forges ahead. But as her memories become more clear, she struggles to understand Ruthie’s presence in her life.

Ultimately uncovering a family history of denial and rage, culminating with a devastating curse, Anna’s determination falters. But when the curse threatens her own daughter and husband, she has no choice but to face the truth and trust the voice in her head.

But who, or what, is Ruthie?

And what did she do?

Genre: Paranormal, Women’s Fiction

Evil Follows: When Evil Follows You Home, Book 1 by Lynn M. Stout

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