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Ebook Deals Today | October 17, 2019

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Billionaire Bad Boys: The Company Ink Series by Kira Blakely

contemporary romance ebook Billionaire Bad Boys: The Company Ink Series by Kira Blakely

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This box set contains all three Billionaire Bad Boys novels. All stand alones with HEA’s.

WARNING: The Billionaire Bad Boys Box Set is so steamy it might melt your panties off. Please have a glass of water handy to douse your reading devise when it ignites!

I run my business like I fight and like I f*ck; deep. Savage. Made my first billion before I was 30. I want for nothing now. There’s nothing that walks through the doors of my building which I cannot possess—until Lexie. Sweet, shy Lexie. So innocent. She doesn’t want an office romance… but giving over her soft body right now is an order.

I’ve always had to fight. I fought my way into this wild life. I fought for every shingle on my roof, and I’ll never back down from my goddamn dreams. I met Laura in a bar fight, and I’ve shown her body love many times—but she has no idea how real and how deep that fire burns.

I know what people think about me. I don’t belong. Not to this world of glamour and riches… I just found a back door that wasn’t locked. But they’re wrong. I work hard and I work alone. That’s how I got here; talent and heart. I finally want to show that to the beautiful Hope, but she won’t have anything to do with me. She doesn’t see it yet. I belong right here.

Also included is an exclusive new novel yet to be published and only available through this box set. It’s book one from Kira Blakely’s new upcoming Seduction Series!

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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