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Ebook Deals Today | May 30, 2020

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Her Boyfriend’s Friend by Mia Ford

Her Boyfriend's Friend by Mia Ford

Realtime Price – $3.99

I thought I had everything I needed – then Nate walked into my life.

I noticed his eyes first, deep luscious pools I wanted to dive in and drown.
The broad shoulders, mighty fine muscles, and dimpled smile didn’t hurt either.
And as soon as I met him, I just felt… warm and protected. Safe.

One hitch though – Nate’s my fiancĂ©’s friend.
And I’m not the type to cheat.

Unlike my jerk of a fiancé.
Yeah, guess what I just found out.
Good old Jack has been playing around.

Of course, it’s one rule for him and another for me.
I know what Nate and I have is real.
So real there’s a baby growing to prove it.
But if Jack finds out he’ll destroy us.
He’s the billionaire that runs this town.

Is true love worth the price?

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Her Boyfriend’s Friend by Mia Ford

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