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Ebook Deals Today | August 19, 2022

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Broken Mate For Bear Shifter by Brittany White

Broken Mate For Bear Shifter by Brittany White

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Dating App = A Conflict Between my Heart and my Head

Single Lion Shifter Looking for Good Mate

I hated signing the divorce papers. Thayden had been my love forever. But the abusive Thayden I was married to was not the lion shifter I had fallen in love with.

Trying to help me overcome the depression from my failed marriage, my friends suggested a dating app.

A sexy bear shifter, Kane, hit me up almost immediately. He was sweet, and considerate, and did I mention sexy? The problems? One, my father doesn’t believe in mating between different shifter breeds. Two, he’s keeping a secret – one that nearly costs me my life.

A lion shifter also messaged me. He was mysterious but sounded very sweet. We seemed to have everything in common. A lion shifter would make my father happy. How was I to know that he harbored his own dark, deadly secrets?

How can I choose between two men? My heart told me that one of these men was my fated mate. My head told me that the other man would make my dreams of a loving family come true.

Will I be able to discover the truth in time to save myself and my love for my fated mate?

Bear Shifter with a Bad Rep Looking for a Good Woman

I belonged to a clan of bear shifters who had a reputation for violence and crimes. My brothers were the worst of the worst.

I was the anomaly. I had a moral compass. Regardless of the fact that I was one of the good guys, my clan’s reputation already cost me one fiancé.

When I met Rainie after seeing her online, I knew that she was my fated mate. I wanted to let her get to know the real me before revealing my clan’s identity. How could I have known that keeping that secret could cost me her love – and more?

Can Kane come to grips with his identity and tell Rainie the truth in time to save their love and her life?

Note: Adult Only!

Genre: New Adult, Paranormal Romance

Broken Mate For Bear Shifter (Shifters Fated Mates, Book 4) by Brittany White

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