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Ebook Deals Today | August 19, 2022

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Dead Man’s Pose: Yoga Mat Mysteries by Susan Rogers

Dead Man's Pose: Yoga Mat Mysteries by Susan Rogers

Realtime Price – $6.50

Dead Man’s Pose is a tension-reliever in yoga. Not this time!

A spirited yoga teacher teams up with a dark horse partner (determined to right wrongs); and together they seek closure on the sudden and mysterious death of a friend.

Throw in a cast of quirky characters that includes a savvy outback detective, an eccentric academic, a highly observant (but sight-challenged) witness, an exotic hairdresser, a Falstaffian nomad, crooked officials, and some assorted mob thugs.

Add some heat between the investigators, plus Ric’s wry humour and Elaina’s smart dialogue, while they both tumble into chase scenes to avoid sharks, cruise through a darkened saloon and conduct late-night spying on a ‘high roller’ that floats.

Combine that with word pictures of Sydney, one of the world’s most picturesque cities (which also has sleazy backstreets and a gummy web of intrigue), and you have the cocktail mix of Dead Man’s Pose.

It’s a jigger of Agatha Christie’s compelling plotline; adding two parts of Cherringham Murder Mysteries; shake in the backdrop of Sydney, Australia which acts as another character and garnish with the mood and tempo of a Michael Connelly’s clue-packed charge. Dead Man’s Pose has all the classic hallmarks of a whodunit genre … But presented as a gin fizz romantic mystery with extra fizz.

YourDead Man’s Pose eBookis just a click away. Hungry for more? Dead Man’s Pose is first in the Yoga Mat Mysteries’ line-up. Next will be Cobra Pose – coming soon!

Genre: Mystery

Dead Man’s Pose: Yoga Mat Mysteries (Mystery, suspense, romance and adventure (Yoga Mat Mysteries series, Book 1)) by Susan Rogers

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