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Ebook Deals Today | July 13, 2024

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A Manhattan Men Box Set 1: Books 1 – 4 by Jacob Parker

A Manhattan Men Box Set 1: Books 1 - 4 by Jacob Parker

Price – $0.99

Four Manhattan Men Novels for your reading pleasure…

Book 1 – Mr. Real Rich

Nothing tastes as sweet as winning over a woman.

And this pretty single mom is in my sights.

But it’s not her heart I’m after. It’s her chocolate factory.

Being a billionaire CPA, my clients expect only the best from me. And the latest wants her candy since it’s almost Valentine’s Day.

Not a problem. Nothing I can’t handle.

Until I see her working her magic and realize how much she loves what she does.

Roses are red and violets may be blue.

Me pushing away love is nothing new.

Besides, I have to go against my powerful family to destroy this deal I’ve been primed to make happen.

I’m rich because of them.

But she’s right for me.

Time to fight for what feels real and make this woman mine.

Candies and all.

Book 2 – Mr. Handsome Hunk

I’ve wanted her my whole life.

My best friend’s little sister. But things didn’t work out like they were supposed to.

And now she’s back in my life and I’m not sure how I feel about it.

She left for college without looking back, and I’m a billionaire bachelor with my eye on lots of prizes now.

I’m not the boy she walked away from.

Manhattan is my playground, and my family owns the city. Now that I’m grown, I take full advantage of that inheritance.

But the moment I see her, flames ignite. I can’t hold back the need to consume her.

Just like back then, she’s still off limits.

This time, I’m not leaving anything up to chance.

I’m a Manhattan, and I get what I want.

This woman is mine. For good.

Book 3 – Mr. Manly Man

Love is for girls and suckers.

But jealousy is for manly men.

No way in hell I’m attending my ex-girlfriend’s father’s big event.

Not after that witch ripped my soul out a few years back.

Funnily enough, my billionaire family doesn’t care much about that.

Everyone that’s anyone will be at the event, and that includes me.

Fine. I’ll take a fake fiancée and serve up slices of revenge all night long.

My cousin’s secretary will do the job just fine.

She’s beautiful, dreamy, and everything I’d want in a woman—if I were done playing around.

But I’m not. Good thing she’s interested in a promotion.

Quid-pro-quo love.

I can get back at my ex, and she can get a raise with my recommendation to my cousin.

We both get what we want, but then something odd happens.

She captures my heart. Nope. Not me.

Chants: Manly man. Manly man. Manly—

Yeah, this isn’t working. I’m in love.

Book 4 – Mr. Romantic Romeo

Did Juliet stab Romeo in the back? Mine did.

Love is a fickle thing. You think you find it while on a beach on a business trip, and you’re wrong.

The beautiful girl that’s captured your attention has been sent there by her father, a rival of the great Manhattan family—my family.

She laid the trap real good, and thanks to her curves and beautiful smile, my dumb ass fell right into it.

But something changed in the middle of our love affair.

She stopped believing I was the villain.

Good thing, because I never was. A bit of a playboy, sure, but a bad guy?

Not a chance.

So we’re enemies. And we’re lovers.

Both of our big powerful families are after the investment of a lifetime at the resort we meet at.

The choice is ours—families be damned.

Genre: Contemporary Romance

A Manhattan Men Box Set 1: Books 1 – 4 by Jacob Parker

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