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Ebook Deals Today | May 23, 2019

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12/4 Ebook Deal of the Day: $2.99 “Blood Effects” by Leelee Sheed

Blood Effects by Leelee Sheed


Ebook Deal of the Day: $2.99 "Blood Effects" by Leelee Sheed

Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Sara Crane is a vibrant, outgoing, blonde teenager who attends Sea Cliff High School, along with her boyfriend, Eric, and her best friend Rachel. Sara doesn't know it but her boyfriend, and two new boys,Danny and Brandon, who just moved into town, are vampires. Eric gets jealous when Sara takes a liking to Danny. During a fight, Sara discovers that Eric, as well as Danny and Brandon are vampires. As a result of all this, Eric turns on Sara. Sara falls in love with Danny. Brandon begins to fall in love with Sarah. Danny does not know it. Eric and Tim, another boy, join forces against Danny, Brandon, and Sara. Sara and Danny continue their romance. Danny and Brandon begin to fight over Sara. Sara and Danny finally make love. Four fallen angels appear and the vampires fight them. The angel of Death Michael appears and throws the fallen angels back into hell. Michael then informs Sara that she died 6 months ago in a car crash. Michael and Sara walk into the light, and Sara returns to the afterlife.

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