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Ebook Deals Today | May 21, 2024

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Wild Wolf Betrothal by Brittany White

Wild Wolf Betrothal by Brittany White

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From packmates to soulmates: When friendships evolve into passion.

Micah and I, wolf shifters, had gone through a betrothal ceremony when we were barely out of diapers. I quickly forgot about it as I planned out my life. I had a degree in social work and was making a difference with troubled children and families. Then, one night, my past caught up with me. The elder and alpha visited me and reminded me of the betrothal. Now, as Micah was about to be made alpha, they demanded that I make good on the promise.

I already had my life planned out, and it didn’t include going through the mating ceremony with my good friend. Overwhelmed and needing to clear my mind, I left home and found myself in Ivy Springs, Colorado. It was a beautiful city, but it had a dark undercurrent. The billionaires, whose roots went back centuries, had declared war on all shifters.

Micah tracked me down, determined to make me fall in love with him. Our good friend, Dean, soon followed. Dean was also about to become alpha and wanted me to be his mate. None of us could have predicted the trouble we found ourselves in.

Would we even survive long enough to find true love?

Bear shifter – Good friend who wanted more than friendship from me.
Faisons and evil hunters – People who would stop at nothing to destroy every shifter on the planet, including Micah, Dean, and me.
Wolf shifter – My betrothed who was determined to capture my heart.

Micah came to Ivy Springs to win my heart. Instead, he found danger that nearly cost both of us our lives.

Would our friendship survive Ivy Springs’ war and turn into true love?

“Wilf Wolf Betrothal” is a passionate, standalone paranormal romance, promising an enduring happily-ever-after.

Note: Adult Only!

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Wild Wolf Betrothal: A Friends to Lovers Paranormal Romance (A Rogue Shifters And Hunters, Book 4) by Brittany White

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