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Ebook Deals Today | October 19, 2017

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Who Are The Shadow People? by Chris Masterson ($3.99)

The Shadow people are mystical humanoid figures, shadow-like
in nature.  According to witnesses, they are
seen mostly out of the peripheral vision and before you can fix your
eyes on them, they move quickly to avoid line-of-sight. These
ghostlike entities are often known in modern folklore and the paranormal
culture as “dark entities with malevolent intentions.”

challenge is to discover whether or not the Shadow people really exist;
or are they figments of the imagination.  Witnesses swear on a stack of
Bibles they are real.  In contrast, non-witnesses attempt to explain
away this mystical phenomenon with a variety of scientific
possibilities.  But are these attempts really a coverup to keep a secret
society of mystical people concealed?  You decide!

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