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Ebook Deals Today | March 1, 2021

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The Weaponsmaker (88.3 Book 1) by Giles Becker

The Weaponsmaker (88.3 Book 1) by Giles Becker

Realtime Price – $1.99

A gritty and uncompromising tale of rebellion in a future dystopia; an audacious hero in a darkly luminous cityscape. The Weaponsmaker has the excitement of Ender’s Game and the vivid prose of Cormac McCarthy. Alan Reavis is thrown out of his life of privilege in an upper-class walled community and into the slums to live or die. The Authorities want him dead or neutered. Not a sad hero or a flawed hero but a dirty fighter in a world of Stalinesque cruelty. A spellbinding story with non-stop action, a young man willing to risk everything to save his loved ones and ultimately the collapsing, corrupt society itself.

“He stood chilled in the night-time street. They had taken his ID, his residence registration, shut up his apartment with a police seal, he had neither possessions nor weapons. No one would help him. He was under a ban order. The great Agencies owned everything and what they gave they could take away. The cold streets seemed to drain downwards into the shattered chaos of the nighttime city, the slums far below.”

A startling new take on dystopia, an intense and realistic series, a rich complex world of hot slum streets and black markets. Danger lies at every corner and an unknown social structure observes his every step. He must find allies and defend himself from the enforcers, the black-market thieves and the dreaded police organization called Forensics. But above all he has to get his young brother out of prison before the execution date. Alan becomes a hardened fighter and in this he both loses and gains.
“Heroes do not begin as people pure and good; they are born in dark circumstances as fighting maniacs with a joyous love of violence, heedless as children, and they redeem themselves with untold suffering.”
A character of psychological depth and nuance; a journey of rescue in a collapsing world. A story of love and revenge and the costs of both.

Genre: Science Fiction

The Weaponsmaker (88.3 Book 1) by Giles Becker

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