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Ebook Deals Today | July 13, 2024

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TBI or CTE: What the Hell is Wrong with Me? by Mark Tullius

TBI or CTE: What the Hell is Wrong with Me? by Mark Tullius

Realtime Price – $9.99

An author with a reckless past set his fiction aside to tackle a critical mission:
Help those around him struggling with head trauma and chart a way forward.
But a fateful visit to the doctor upended his entire world…

Former fighter and Ivy League football player Mark Tullius wanted to support his friends with traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). But when presented with a scan of his own grey matter, his life changed forever. After years of lying to himself and insisting he felt fine, Mark had to face the fact that his time on the field and in the cage had caused potentially irreparable damage inside his skull.

Tired of throwing in the towel when things get difficult, Mark committed to make his recovery an adventure in health, happiness, and self-discovery. And now he’s sharing his journey, research, and joy with you, hoping that you, too, can recover and walk out of the darkness. A powerful balance of scientific fact and personal triumph, this testament to the strength of the human spirit is impossible to put down.

If you want a change of pace from heavy medical tomes about TBI and CTE, Mark’s true and incredible saga is a life-changing “must read!”

“It provides a road map of experience that is unparalleled in health literature, offering both thought-provoking assessments and hope to all ages who either participate in sports or are recovering from head injury. It should be in any health collection, as well as in libraries strong in memoirs containing deep psychological self-assessments.” – D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

“A gut-wrenchingly honest look at the ultimate nightmare— the betrayal of one’s own body. Mark’s confrontations with the repercussions of a combat and contact-sport-driven youth lead to an optimistic and information-laden investigation into the emerging treatments for CTE and TBI and related injuries.” Sam Sheridan, author of A Fighter’s Heart, The Fighter’s Mind and The Disaster Diaries

“Mark has made an extremely thorough analysis of causes, manifestations, and treatment of TBI. His passionate approach has inspired me to reexamine my own knowledge base on this topic, both as a mixed martial arts physician and as a combat veteran. This book is a must read for anyone who seeks to understand TBI and CTE on a deeper level” – Mike Simpson, M.D., Major, US Army (Retired) author of Honed: Finding Your Edge as a Man Over 40

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Genre: Non-Fiction

TBI or CTE: What the Hell is Wrong with Me? by Mark Tullius

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