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Ebook Deals Today | July 13, 2024

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Suddenly Royal by Jason Collins

Suddenly Royal by Jason Collins

Realtime Price – $3.99


I’ve started my new life as a royal liar.

I’m a prince waiting tables, and I love my secret life because it doesn’t include royal bank accounts. But I’m not just doing this to escape from palace life; ever since Graham interviewed me, I’ve wanted to be by his side. Even though I’ve never been with a man, I know he’s the one I want.

But I knew my dream life couldn’t last forever—I just didn’t think my old life would catch up to me so soon. I fled the royal family to find happiness, and while Graham is everything I want, he’s everything I can’t have. Princes aren’t supposed to fall in love with their coworkers. If the royal family finds me, they’ll do everything in their power to keep us apart.

I might have to choose—my new life or my crown.


I wanted a waiter, not an international scandal.

Lex is royalty—the real kind. I didn’t know that when I hired him, and I definitely didn’t know it when I fell for him. He enchanted me the moment he walked in, and I never expected him to make the first move. Then again, that was just the first of Lex’s surprises.

But palace life isn’t all he’s turning his back on. Prince Charming is straight, or so I thought before we spent the night together. Unfortunately, the royal family thinks he’s straight too, and soon I’m facing much bigger problems than my restaurant. If his family drags him back, a commoner like me can’t chase after a royal.

It’ll be me or his birthright, and I don’t know what he’ll choose.

This is the second book in the Close Quarters series. It can be enjoyed as a standalone with no cliffhanger.

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Suddenly Royal (Close Quarters, Book 2) by Jason Collins

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