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Ebook Deals Today | July 24, 2021

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Shh… I’ll Be Your Hero by Annie J. Rose

Shh... I'll Be Your Hero by Annie J. Rose

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I don’t need any distractions.
I have a business to save.

Too bad this distraction is over six feet tall with muscles and tattoos.
He has hero swagger, moving here from the LA fire department.
A big city attitude, enough charm and sex appeal to start a stampede of single chicks.
Next thing I know, it’s like my panties burst into flames.

He’s cocky and sexy, irresistible.
I’m so tied up in knots over Austin.
That the accidents seem to come out of nowhere.
Things go wrong at the shop, over and over.
And he’s my savior, time and time again.

Pretty soon, sparks fly between me and the hottest firefighter on the planet.
And even an independent woman needs a hero.
When things get too hot to handle.

Genre: Romance

Shh… I’ll Be Your Hero (Small Town Romances) by Annie J. Rose

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