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Ebook Deals Today | September 21, 2019

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Bear’s Embrace by Moxie North

One True Mate: Bear's Embrace (Kindle Worlds Novella) by Moxie North

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Zane Rakoff has been running for most of his life. First, from a father that didn’t want him then from the place he grew up. Circumstances have shaped him into a hardened, sometimes angry man. The future of their kind, of all shiften, had been bleak until news that a destined mate had been found. With the help of his friends he’s held onto the last shred of his humanity and now has hope for himself and his fellow bearen. Zane never had a reason to believe that his world could change from a mate-less life spent fighting dangerous fires to one with a chance for a One True Mate for him to love.

Poppy Woodall loves her life in Serenity. She cares for the community through her massage therapy and shares a special gift with those that need it. Her mother promised she had a greater destiny, although Poppy wasn’t sure how that would happen with her quiet life. Plagued by nightmares that have haunted her since childhood, Poppy holds on to hope that one day she’ll have all the answers.

A dark shadow, a hateful plan, and true love fighting against those that want to see it destroyed. Can Zane fight against an unseen force and show Poppy that she can trust him with her heart?

Genre: Paranormal Romance

One True Mate: Bear’s Embrace (Kindle Worlds Novella) by Moxie North

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