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Ebook Deals Today | July 15, 2020

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Dancing Buddha by Olga Mayrose

Dancing Buddha by Olga Mayrose

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One day Krishna had come to our world again as he was called so many ages back. He brought his Winged Song and has sung it – probably, that was the thousandth time. People don’t remember how he taught them the same, although he had the immensity of new words! He was ready to bring the variety of unique discoveries – his knowledge. Each time, the humankind was shrugging its shoulders in confusion – it seemingly wasn’t mature enough for that. And Krishna had to go. He had been awaiting. His voice was silently singing among thousands of books. Then once, the new time of Unique Changes had come – the humanity achieved that level of development when no book could be lost, no Sacral Wisdom could be concealed from others; he decided to make one more try – the last one. Krishna chose a new place of birth for himself – Japan, to finalize his mission completely. What was after? Let’s imagine together… The parable of Maitreya.

Genre: Literary Fiction, Metaphysical

Dancing Buddha by Olga Mayrose

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