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Captivated By Wild Bear Shifter Brittany White

Captivated By Wild Bear Shifter Brittany White

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From shifter hater to shifter lover, my heart underwent a transformation as magical as the moon guiding their ethereal change.

I came from a long line of ancestors who hated shifters and made it their life’s work to see that every shifter was destroyed. I followed in their footsteps. Arrogant and rich, I had no concerns in life except pleasing myself. I overheard Dean talking about his shifter status in my own resort. Busting into his room, I promised that I would have him and his friends killed.

Dean had other ideas. To protect himself and his friends, he kidnapped me and took me from the comfortable life I knew in Ivy Springs to a rustic cabin that didn’t even have an indoor toilet. Without access to technology or money, I was stuck. Just as a caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly, I changed. I forgot the arrogant, selfish person I was and became human.

Along the way, my hatred of shifters turned to understanding that they are just like every other human, just with extraordinary talents. I also found my extreme hate for shifters turned into an intense love for the bear shifter who kidnapped me.

While I was busy finding myself, my brother sent a group of ruthless hunters to force me to return to Ivy Springs, even if it meant the death of the man I had come to love.

Entitled Diva – The Alexis I was in Ivy Springs, expecting the world to fall at my feet
Bear Shifter – The man who kidnapped me and then stole my heart
Raf – My brother who would stop at nothing to get me to return to the life I had in Ivy Springs

Dean kidnapped me to prevent me from killing him and his friends. Along the way, he captured my heart.

Would he live long enough for me to tell him how much I loved him after he was brutally attacked by hunters?

“Captivated By Wild Bear Shifter” is a passionate, standalone paranormal romance, promising an enduring happily-ever-after.

Note: Adult Only!

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Captivated By Wild Bear Shifter: An Enemies to Lovers Paranormal Romance (A Rogue Shifters And Hunters, Book 5) by Brittany White

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