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Ebook Deals Today | December 4, 2022

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The Secrets She Buried by Neil Turner

The Secrets She Buried by Neil Turner

Realtime Price – $2.99

Jill Clark is determined to hold a hospital accountable for the death of her mother, who died during the chaotic early days of the COVID pandemic. Her death was attributed to the virus. But was COVID the cause of death?

Adamant that hospital staff essentially murdered her mother through sheer negligence, Jill hires Tony Valenti and Penelope Brooks to sue the hospital. A fissure soon opens in Tony and Penelope’s relationship as the case plunges them into a bewildering maze of explosive secrets that hint at alternative explanations—revelations that unleash hidden dangers. Did Rose Clark succumb to COVID, or was a murder committed under cover of the pandemic?

The case soon threatens much more than the future of Tony and Penelope’s partnership—someone is willing to kill to shut down their investigation. It’s now a race against time. Tony and Penelope will need every ounce of guile and courage they have to survive.

Genre: Thrillers

The Secrets She Buried (The Tony Valenti Thrillers, Book 6) by Neil Turner

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