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The Alpha Wolf’s Enemy by Brittany White

The by Wolf’s Enemy Author Brittany White

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He was destined to be her enemy. But then she fell for him. Does their love stand a chance?

The Half Wolf Female
I never belonged anywhere.
My father was a wolf shifter. My mother was a human.
The wolf pack in Anchorage abandoned them both.
Because of old prejudice, the Alpha exiled my father.
We lived as nomads, bouncing from place to place.
Until we were targeted by a vampire. My father begged the Alpha for help.
But he refused. He allowed my parents to die.
I survived, alone in the woods.
Until another vampire found me. One who was willing to raise me as his own.
He fostered my hatred of the pack. He helped me plot my revenge.
When the time was right, I infiltrated the pack.
I met a sexy shifter named Derek.
My relationship with him would be the key to my revenge.
I hadn’t expected to be attracted to the commanding wolf.
What happened when my enemy became my lover?

The Enemy Wolf Shifter
Even from an early age, I served my pack faithfully.
But I had a roving eye, and a wandering heart.
I could not settle down, and I loathed staying in one place.
To keep the restless feeling at bay, I traveled.
I partied. I dated every female that crossed my path, and I slept around.
It was all in good fun, until I met a gorgeous female shifter.
Her name was Kyra, and I suspected that she was my mate.
There was something mysterious about her, but I didn’t care.
I was smitten with this gorgeous shifter, and I ignored every warning sign.
Until I found out that she wasn’t who she claimed.
She was looking for revenge, and she saw me as the enemy.
My beautiful Kyra had betrayed me.
She had put my pack at risk.
Even if she asked, how could I ever forgive her?

Could a wolf shifter forgive his mate for endangering his entire pack?

Note: Adult Only!

Genre: Paranormal Romance

The Alpha Wolf’s Enemy (The Wolves of Anchorage, Book 2) by Brittany White

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