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Ebook Deals Today | July 12, 2024

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Small Town Romances by Annie J. Rose

Small Town Romances by Annie J. Rose

Realtime Price – $9.99

Small towns are good for two things: hot gossip, and hotter romances! Snuggle up with these sexy small-town men and the ladies that make them fall. You won’t regret it!

Book 1: Shh…it’s a Secret (Baby)
She’s got a little girl on her hip.
A little girl with my green eyes.
Her secret’s out after four long years.
If I can forgive her for keeping the baby a secret,
Maybe I can make her fall for me again.
Just like old times.

Book 2: Shh…it’s a Surprise (Baby)
When I wind up in her bed,
I know it’s a mistake.
Dangerous men are after me,
And I don’t need someone else I could lose.
Except that one-night stand left us with more than regrets.
There’s a baby on the way.

Book 3: Shh… I’ll Be Your Hero
I don’t need any distractions.
I have a business to save.
Too bad this distraction is over six feet tall with muscles and tattoos.
He has hero swagger, moving here from the LA fire department.
A big city attitude, enough charm and sex appeal to start a stampede of single chicks.
Next thing I know, it’s like my panties burst into flames.

Book 4: Shh…I’ll Be Your Savior
Tex is not my usual yoga client.
He’s over six feet with muscles for days.
With those haunted eyes, he’s not letting ANYONE in.
But old habits die hard, and when he senses I’m in trouble…
He’ll do anything to protect me.

Book 5: Shh…I’ll Be Your Lover
I know that little boy is better off with his dad.
And I’m just the lawyer to fight for them.
To give that boy the life he deserves with Ben, and hopefully me too.
I just have to make sure I win the case.
And make sure Ben doesn’t find out two little things:
That I’m in love with him.
And that I’m carrying his baby.

Genre: Romance

Small Town Romances: A Secret Baby Romance Collection by Annie J. Rose

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