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Ebook Deals Today | September 25, 2017

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Never Fear by F. Paul Wilson etc.

horror fiction boxed set Never Fear by F. Paul Wilson etc,

Realtime Pricing: Amzn: $4.69

Eleven Tales of Horror by Ten Masters of Suspense!

The Barrens by F. Paul Wilson. New York Times Bestselling Author

A cosmic horror tale in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. Genuine pinelands lore painted with a Lovecraftian palette. Creighton reenters his old girlfriend’s life, saying he’s researching the myth of the Jersey Devil. But he has a much darker agenda.

Control+Alt+Delete by Rachel Aukes. Amazon Bestselling Author

In the near-future where we are monitored every minute of every day, a law is passed that grants an Artificial Intelligence system the power to instantly “reform” anyone deemed a threat to society.

The Agent by Michael Koogler. Up-and-Coming Author

What would you give to have it all? What would you offer up for fame and fortune? Would you give up your very soul? Would you give up even more? Andre Rossell is an aspiring horror writer with a problem. He hasn’t published anything. His life is a waste. He’s going nowhere. Until his agent calls…

The Girl Next Door by E. McCarthy. New York Times Bestselling Author

In the old yellow fever wing of a female dorm in New Orleans, an empty sealed room holds nothing but a chair. Or does it? Student Sadie is determined to find out, at the risk of her own sanity… and her boyfriend’s life.

Taps by Patrick Freivald. Bram Stoker Award-Nominated Author

A series of mysterious tapping sounds leads Molly into a darkness from which she may never emerge.

Forward Base Fourteen by Patrick Freivald. Bram Stoker Award-Nominated Author

One of the last survivors of an outpost on the alien world of New Phoenix, Sarah DeSouza fights on against the Takers, who kill, reanimate and control their victims.

Funeral March of a Marionette by Lance Taubold. Award-Winning Author

Fourteen-year old Corey has always been picked on … and worse by other kids and his stepfather. Through the magic of music Corey’s nutcracker doll collection comes to life to do his bidding and to enact his revenge.

Gris Gris by Kathy Love. USA Today Bestselling Author

Elizabeth visits Madame Lucrece Dumas, New Orleans’ most powerful Voodoo priestess, certain the Creole voodooiene can conjure a spell to protect her from a terrifying curse. But Elizabeth soon discovers there is something stronger than Voodoo magic. Revenge.

Where Billy Monasco Lay by Paul Mannering. Award-Winning Author

A band of outlaws making a run for Mexico wait by the Penasco River for the rest of their gang. Plagued by guilt after the horrific deaths of a bank full of innocent townsfolk, they meet God’s justice in the form of a dead boy.

Alabaster Nights by Elle J. Rossi. Up-and-Coming Author

A Vampire with a soul. A Huntress with a knife. In Nashville, Blood equals Power. Will one taste of Josie Hawk cost Keller everything?

Snapped! by Rich Devin. Up-and-Coming Debut Author

No one knew where or when or how… it just happened. They Snapped. That’s what people said. They Snapped. There wasn’t any single sign, like you might expect there to be. No twitching or dying or convulsing. No outbreak of flu or some wide-spread contagious disease. Snap. They were human … and then … they were not.

Genre: Thriller, YA Paranormal Romance

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