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Ebook Deals Today | October 20, 2017

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Gargoyles by Alan Nayes (FREE)

With the recent completion of the human genome project, speculation on future genetic research has run wild. Most people fear what might happen once humans have the ability to create perfect children. What will it mean when the human race no longer has to deal with natural imperfections-when science can be used to eradicate disability, disease, unique features, asymmetrical faces? But little attention has been given to the other possibility of such research: what will happen now that the human race may have the ability to create perfectly imperfect children? The research industry-and the human race-may never be the same.Brilliant pre-med student Amoreena Daniels needs money desperately. Her mother is dying of metastatic cancer, and the medical insurance has run out. When told of a new cancer study that offers some measure of hope for patients in her mother’s condition, Amoreena is thrilled-until she realizes that the treatment will cost $30,000. When a seemingly legitimate women’s clinic offers Amoreena $50,000 for service as a surrogate mother, Amoreena thinks her prayers have been answered. But then-much too early-her baby begins to move.The strange dreams, another surrogate’s mysterious death, and a drug-addicted former medical intern confirm Amoreena’s worst suspicion: there is something terribly wrong with her pregnancy. Amoreena embarks on a dangerous journey to uncover the truth behind the endless battery of genetic tests, sonograms, and frightened patients,…

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