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Ebook Deals Today | November 28, 2021

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The Wicked Lands by Melissa Kremer

fantasy romance ebook The Wicked Lands by Melissa Kremer

Realtime Pricing:$3.99

After the apocalyptic event known as the Reaping, the world has been divided into the Holy City which houses the righteous people of the Saved and the angels who protect them, and the Wicked Lands in which those with demons in their hearts reside. Violet is one of the Saved with the authority to command the elements and destroy the wicked. When she discovers her soul partner Alastair is missing from the Holy City, she and her angel friend Leon venture out into the Wicked Lands to find him. Before leaving, they receive but one warning from the archangels: don’t fall in love with demons or the Wickeds who roam the Wicked Lands. Violet must keep this in mind and rely on her wary instincts when she is immediately separated from Leon and finds herself in the company of the mysterious demon Dante. In the immortal Wicked Lands, Violet’s ability to kill her enemies will make her a target as she faces many dangers while discovering the secrets of her past, how this world arose from present Earth, and what really happened to Violet’s fated partner Alastair.

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

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