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Ebook Deals Today | May 25, 2020

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12/31 Ebook Deal of the Day: $3.33 “That Girl Started Her Own Country” by Holy Ghost Writer

That Girl Started her Own Country by The Ghost Writer

Ebook Deal of the Day: $3.33 "That Girl Started Her Own Country" by Holy Ghost Writer

Genre: Action & Adventure

"The latest mystery by Holy Ghost Writer dazzles with a tale of computer hacking, legal wrangling and kung-fu fighting.

International playgirl and jet-setter Zaydee is in love with investigative journalist Steven Larson, who is writing an exposé of the Bilderberg Group. Zaydee believes Larson is in danger, so she hatches a complicated plan to help him by providing him with a safe house and starting up a new publication for him, staffed by computer hackers. However, when Zaydee is set up and betrayed by her investment broker, the FBI arrests her. Since she refuses to identify herself, the FBI agents book her under the clever name “Princess Jane Doe.” However, she manages to take full advantage of her new royal title by using the esoteric Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act as part of an international legal procedure to defend herself, without legal counsel, against unknown charges. As Zaydee becomes a media celebrity, her true identity remains a mystery to both the FBI and the general public. The author fills each chapter with intrigue, following Zaydee as she plots her escape from prison. The increasingly elaborate plot also features a math-genius professor and Yale University’s Skull and Bones secret society. The author effectively keeps the reader guessing each character’s allegiance as well as Zaydee’s eventual endgame. In the end, readers may be left wondering about the mysterious and colorful Zaydee’s true backstory—as well as author Holy Ghost Writer’s true identity." Kirkus Reviews

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