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Ebook Deals Today | May 27, 2020

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Video Vixen by Elaine Raco Chase

contemporary romantic comedy ebook Video Vixen by Elaine Raco Chase

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Welcome to Sodom’s Crossing, just south of the equator — well actually downtown Manhattan!

From her billboard in Times Square to her rare
vertical photos in Playboy – the world was finding it easy to be Vixen-ized.

If you’re missing your favorite soap – meet the zany cast of Always Tomorrow lead by Vixen Mallory! They are on a mission and Vixen is their bait!

“Good girls finish last, Daniel, and I’ve always been at the head of the class.” That’s what Vixen Mallory would say, and Vikki Kirkland was saying it now — to Dan Falkner, ace reporter who’d come to do a story on the soap opera and the star that had taken the cable network and viewer-ship by storm.

Vikki had sworn to her fellow cast mates on Always Tomorrow that she would protect their secrets by being the sexy, unscrupulous siren on-camera and off – to the hilt. Making sure that investigative reporter Dan Falkner would focus on the illusion rather than the sweet, shy woman Vikki really was.

There was just one problem — Vikki never imagined how easy it would be to enjoy being a vixen and take what she wanted. And she found she wanted Dan Falkner more than she had ever wanted any man.

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy


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