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Ebook Deals Today | October 20, 2017

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Black Wood (A Witch Rising #1) by Jayde Scott

Fourteen-year-old Emily Jones used to think witches, trolls, nymphs, and Silverfurs were the figment of an overactive imagination…that is, until she moves to Scotland. Ravencourt Manor couldn’t be more eerie with its creaking noises, rattling doors, and a hunched shadow that roams the manor’s garden at night.
Using her powers for the first time, Emily unknowingly opens a portal to Black Wood; a world of dangerous and alluring nymphs dwelling beneath the streams ready to drown her, where the sinister keeper of the Black Heart awaits his mistress’ sordid commands, and cursed trolls are waiting, desperate to be released. And so Emily’s dangerous fight against a great evil begins.

Will Emily learn to use her legacy in time before Black Wood’s deadly servants are unleashed to destroy the world?

BLACK WOOD is the first book in the teen series, A WITCH RISING. Book 2, MORTAL STAR, will be released March 2012.

Full length teen fiction: approx. 200pp.


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