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Ebook Deals Today | February 26, 2024

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A Man On A Mission by Lauren Wood

A Man On A Mission by Lauren Wood

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Frank was a mid-life military man that I started writing to on a fluke. He soon became more to me than I could have ever imagined. When he showed up at my door out of the blue, everything between us changed fast.

Frank really wasn’t what I thought I wanted.
He was dangerous, a man on a mission.
I’d started a friendship with him that became more.
His letters changed and made me think of him differently.
Him showing up, looking just as handsome as I knew he’d be, sealed the deal.
Suddenly, I had to have Frank.
I needed him, more than my next breath.

Then, everything came tumbling down.
Frank had people after him.
He didn’t want to drag me into it, but I was.
I could handle what happened next, Frank couldn’t.
He couldn’t look at the damage, he couldn’t look at me.
When he ran off, I thought I’d never see him again.

What started with one letter, would end the same way. I had to tell Frank something serious, something he had to know. Secretly, I hoped that it would bring him back to me. I didn’t want to go on without him.
Note: Adult Only!

Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult

A Man On A Mission: A Military Man Romance (Midlife Bad Boys Series, Book 4) by Lauren Wood

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