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Ebook Deals Today | June 18, 2018

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9/21 Ebook Deal of Day: $2.99 “Protector” by Vanna Smythe




Ebook Deal of Day: $2.99 (77% off) “Protector (Anniversary of the Veil, Book 1)” by Vanna Smythe

Genre: Fantasy

Kiyarran only wanted to become a Protector of the Realm, a member of an elite order of fighters. Strange and powerful magical abilities awaken in him as this wish comes true. The Priesthood that secretly controls the realm see his skills as a threat, and Kiyarran begins to learn that little about life as a Protector is what he hoped it would be.

Princess Issiyanna faces and arranged marriage, but she has been dreaming of another man, her one true love. Now her long gone mother is calling to her, promising she will return and take Issiyanna to meet the man from her dreams.

The world is split in half by a barrier called the Veil. A terrible sacrifice was made to put it in place and now, as the 1000th Anniversary of the Veil draws near, a second sacrifice is called for to keep it in place.

Both Kiyarran and Issiyanna are needed for the Anniversary. Even though they only just learned of the Veil and neither know the role they must play …

Protector is the first volume in the new series of epic fantasy books titled Anniversary of the Veil.

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