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Ebook Deals Today | October 19, 2017

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$0.99 “Marooned with the Rock Star” by Dawn Steele

a rockstar contemporary romance ebook, Marooned with the Rock Star by Dawn Steele


Ebook Deal of the Day:

$0.99 “Marooned with the Rock Star (A Crazily Sensual Rock Star Romance, with Humor)” by Dawn Steele

Genre: RockStar Romance, Contemporary Romance

Rebecca Hall is clear about three things in life:
1. Inflation
2. The IRS will get you if you don’t pay your taxes, and
3. The fact that she hates newly minted rock star, Kurt Taylor, to the very depths of his extremely depraved guts.

They have a bad history, yes, but it’s not what anyone thinks. Just when she thinks he’s out of her life for good, she meets him again on a cruise ship to the Bahamas.

But wait. He’s a super-famous rock star, right? Then what the hell is he doing in a cleaning crew’s overalls, pushing around a mop? What has he done to merit such a drastic fall from grace?

All this would be explained in good time, except that a freak thunderstorm at sea throws Rebecca and Kurt overboard, and they have to swim for their lives to a deserted island. It’s one thing to (barely) survive each other, but what other disturbing secrets does the so-called ‘island’ hold for them?

MAROONED WITH THE ROCK STAR is a 181-page full-length rock star romance novel that will make you laugh and cry and weep with the characters. And yes, it is self-contained with a HEA. No cliffhangers or open endings here, I promise.

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