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Ebook Deals Today | December 9, 2018

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$0.99 “Bugocalypse (La Cucaracha)” by H. Raven Rose

Bugocalypse (La Cucaracha) by H. Raven Rose


Ebook Deal of the Day: $0.99 “Bugocalypse (La Cucaracha)” by H. Raven Rose

Genre: Science Fiction

It’s been a crazy day in La La land, Not only didn’t Lacey, an unsuccessful wannabe Hollywood actress, get the part but (after surviving a 7.7 earthquake) she and her Latina best friend Marisol are terrified by a disturbing dark hooded figure on their way to a Halloween party. Still dealing with Tinsel Town aftershocks, soon cataclysmic world events are all over the news and internet. Birds fall dead from the sky. Tons of dead fish wash ashore in LA and around the world. Post-earthquake fires rage, and mud slides and flooding follow torrential rains threaten Los Angeles. World citizens report shooting stars and meteors that stream across the sky, after which villages, towns and cities are struck down with the black death as hooded messengers of mayhem, purported grim reapers, spray strange mists that cause people to grow sick and die. An unusual cockroach infestation, in downtown LA, follows the earthquake, torrential rains, mudslides and other events, but the media and public officials insist that the reports are mass hallucinations and the events are unrelated. If you love any kind of “bug war,” you’ll love “La Cucaracha” an escape from LA adventure with Lacey and Marisol.

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