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Ebook Deals Today | May 21, 2024

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The Sheriff’s Pursuit by Jason B. Baker

The Sheriff's Pursuit by Jason B. Baker

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Unveil the hidden secrets of a prairie town in this riveting historical mystery.
In the sprawling, unforgiving prairies of pre-Civil War Illinois, justice often comes with a shadow of retribution. Enter Sheriff Talbot Jones, who knows that the difference between right and wrong can be as elusive as the relentless winds sweeping the vast landscape. He’s about to face a chilling murder in a town on the brink of prosperity, and the dark roots of vengeance run deep.

As the brutal winds of November howl through Vermilion County, the murder of the sheriff-elect shakes the peaceful town of Danville. Sheriff Jones, ready to retire, is thrust into a treacherous journey through a land teetering on the edge of chaos. Lives hang in the balance as he dives into a relentless pursuit of justice, revealing the intricate ties between redemption and revenge.

The Sheriff’s Pursuit: A Vermilion County Mystery is a gritty Western-style mystery that captures the spirit of classic Westerns and the intrigue of historical fiction. With vibrant characters, an unwavering quest for the truth, and an unpredictable landscape, this novel immerses you in a world where the past demands retribution and the shadows of yesterday reach out with bone-chilling force.

Journey back to a time where courage, determination, and the relentless pursuit of justice define life on the frontier. Sheriff Jones knows that the path to justice in this land is far from straightforward—it’s a relentless pursuit, no matter the cost. Be prepared for a compelling odyssey that questions the nature of justice, the power of redemption, and the darkness that hides within the human soul.

Acclaimed Civil War non-fiction author Jason B. Baker delves into fiction again, offering an intense prequel to his successful debut, The Ace’s Bounty. Best-selling classic Western author Ron Schwab has hailed Baker as a rising star with a bright future in the genre. With The Sheriff’s Pursuit, Baker has crafted a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the last page. Dive into this captivating historical mystery and discover the captivating world of Vermilion County.

Genre: Historical Fiction, Mystery

The Sheriff’s Pursuit: A Vermilion County Mystery (Vermilion County Mysteries, Book 1) by Jason B. Baker

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