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Ebook Deals Today | July 12, 2024

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The Anderson Brothers by Natasha L. Black

The Anderson Brothers by Natasha L. Black

Realtime Price – $9.99

Spend some time with these five sexy boss brothers and the ladies who capture their hearts. The only dilemma you’ll have is choosing your favorite couple! Grab a cool drink and settle in for some sizzling love stories!

Book One — Second Chance Baby
In walks my past, hotter than ever.
I never could tell her no.
If Ava thinks she can walk back into my life
Thinks I’ll help her out when she’s desperate for a job,
If she thinks I’m going to lay awake wanting her back…
She’s right.
My first love, my first heartbreak, and now she needs me.
I’m not the kind of man who would walk away from her.

Book Two — Taboo Boss
My assistant, dedicated, delicious, and so forbidden.
I summoned her to my hometown.
We were supposed to be working.
Out of the office, it’s a different playing field.
No rules. Winner takes all.
Because I mean to take ALL of her.
What do you do when something forbidden feels so right?

Book 3 — His Best Friend’s Sister
My crappy year just got better.
How much better?
About six feet is my guess.
I got jilted at the altar.
Had to move back home.
I’m trying to lay low, but fate has its own idea.
My brother’s best friend, hunkier than ever.
Off-limits and the juiciest forbidden fruit I ever saw.

Book 4 — Boss Daddy
An ordinary life, that’s all I wanted.
But the chemistry between us is anything but ordinary.
I’m back in my hometown after two decades in the military.
She’s the new girl working at the bar.
Next thing I know, I’m teaching her to mix drinks and making her laugh.
This energy between us is insane.
The sparks in one look could start a forest fire.

Book 5 — The Marriage Contract
She’s all fiery spirit and dangerous curves.
And off-limits. I’m her boss.
Until we get a crazy idea.
We could get married, solve both our problems.
All fun and games, no strings attached.
The fun becomes something sexy and delicious.
Everything’s great until I find a pregnancy test.
Things just got complicated…
But maybe it’s a sign that our love is 100% for real.

The Anderson Brothers is a collection of 5 scandalous standalone romance novels. Each one guarantees no cliffhangers or cheating, so you can enjoy every word to its maximum pleasure. To top it off, a unique HEA to make your heart swell. Enjoy Reading! – Natasha L. Black

Genre: Romance

The Anderson Brothers: A Secret Baby Romance Collection by Natasha L. Black

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