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Ebook Deals Today | January 22, 2022

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Weston Parker Archives - Ebook Deals Today

Don’t You Dare by Weston Parker

January 9, 2022 |

Realtime Price –

He’s a playboy like no other…

The crown prince of New York City’s real estate industry. A pompous jerk who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and a camera in his face.

All … Read More

Fake It For Money by Weston Parker

November 28, 2021 |

Realtime Price – $3.99

She’s willing to fake it for money.

Just my type of lady. But this isn’t just one night.

I need twelve dates for a series of Christmas parties to promote my hotels.

Being a forever bachelor … Read More

Fake It Real Good by Weston Parker

October 31, 2021 |

Realtime Price – $3.99

My younger brother hates me… he’s getting married.

And of course, my mother is going to have a field day with me still being a bachelor.

But love is for the birds. I don’t have time … Read More

Rich Fake Witch by Weston Parker

October 10, 2021 |

Realtime Price – $3.99

The King of Halloween needs a fake date and this girl needs to be a true witch.

He’s got a killer reputation, social status, unfathomable wealth, fast cars, and all the women he wants.

Hell, he … Read More

Match Me Up by Weston Parker

September 6, 2021 |

Realtime Price – $3.99

The hottest nerd I know just became my roommate.

But it’s a no-go on the downlow, seeing as he’s my best friend’s brother.

The best part is that he’s a hunk and a half, but oh … Read More

Our Little Secret by Weston Parker

August 3, 2021 |

Realtime Price – FREE

Dating university staff is against the rules. Dating being the key word.

We met at a staff mixer, and it was all I could do to keep my hands off of her.

She’s everything I want … Read More

Fake It For Me by Weston Parker

July 25, 2021 |

Realtime Price – $3.99

I need a woman to help me shut up my big Greek family.

And my new intern is perfect for the job, though pretending to have a relationship with her might be a little taboo.

Good … Read More

Not Fake for Long by Weston Parker

July 6, 2021 |

Realtime Price – $3.99

The one person I can’t stand wants me to be her bridesmaid.

My sister. Not that I have time for her crap.

I’m a stockbroker in training and the last thing I need is to cater … Read More

Bad For You by Weston Parker

June 6, 2021 |

Realtime Price – $3.99

His mother hates me with a passion. No peasant for her perfect son.

She made sure to boot me out of his life when we were in high school and falling quickly in love.

So I … Read More

All Good Things by Weston Parker

May 18, 2021 |

Realtime Price – $3.99

The book will catch your attention right at the beginning and keep it until the end. The chemistry was off the charts… — Amazon Reviewer

Fake romantic interest to get a good review on my business? … Read More