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Ebook Deals Today | September 23, 2023

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Wicked Plans by C. Morgan

October 19, 2021 |

Realtime Price –

Focusing on my future is getting harder and harder with the campus bad boy wanting all of me.

He’s not just bad either. There’s a darkness in him I don’t want in my life.

Yet, I’m … Read More

You’re Everything I Need by Mia Ford

September 28, 2018 |

Realtime Price – $2.99

Losing my wife wrecked me – only my little girl pulled me through. She found Lexi for me too. Ran up to her in the park calling her “mommy”. My heart nearly broke. Then it started … Read More

The Risk: A Two Story Compilation by Mia Ford

September 20, 2018 |

Realtime Price – $3.99

I’ve lost my goddamn mind. I slept with my best friend’s brother. This has to stop. Now. Except I’m hooked.

I wanted a fresh start for college. New town, new people. Right? My new best friend … Read More

Come for Me by Mia Ford

September 14, 2018 |

Realtime Price – $3.99

“This story has an amazing plot full of just the right balance of humor, suspense, romance, and steamy scenes, and the characters were strong both male and female.”

She left me. Married another man and ripped … Read More

Love at first sight by Mia Ford

September 1, 2018 |

Realtime Price – $3.99

Life was f*cking boring till I met her. The raven-haired beauty on the train. I spilled my coffee on her, and she b*tched me out.

Two weeks later she was back. But she was different. Instead … Read More

Train Me Daddy by Mia Ford

August 20, 2018 |

Realtime Price –


I’ve never been in love, but when I see him, I think this could be real.

The only thing…

He’s not just a single dad, he’s the father of one of my students.

Read More

In Too Deep by Mia Ford

August 16, 2018 |

Realtime Price – $3.99

The baby that was supposed to bring us all together, has torn us all apart. She’s mine! I need to have her. But fate wants something else. Very soon she’ll belong to my elder brother.

It’s … Read More

Take My Breath Away by Mia Ford

August 4, 2018 |

Realtime Price – $3.99

One night would change everything…affect our families…our own lives The feelings buried inside for so long…suddenly coming to life!

She was my childhood friend I didn’t know if I loved her And now I meet her … Read More