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Ebook Deals Today | September 21, 2019

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Bella Winters Archives — Ebook Deals Today

Slow Burn by Bella Winters

August 27, 2019 |

Realtime Price –

I am in love with this guy from my unit,

And now, carrying his baby too!

I am hired as his new trainer,

But the only training he is interested in is,

The … Read More

Burning with Desire by Bella Winters

August 14, 2019 |

Realtime Price – $2.99

I hired her to help my daughter sleep easy,

But now I want her in my bed!

Julie: my daughter’s new nanny and my …

Damn, this is so wrong,

Give yourself a … Read More

Fatal Attraction by Mia Ford & Bella Winters

April 25, 2018 |

Realtime Price – $3.99

Pregnant. A baby. A lifelong commitment. Seems [email protected] serious.

Well, I don’t do commitments. I believe in fun and one night stands. And that was supposed to be just one such night. But now, I … Read More

Broken: A Mountain Man’s Romance by Mia Ford & Bella Winters

March 22, 2018 |

Realtime Price – $3.99

I had chosen the mountains for a reason. I was convinced that any human connection was a black hole. Yet, this girl made me want to take that leap all over again and I couldn’t figure … Read More

Lust to Love: A Second Chance Romance by Mia Ford & Bella Winters

March 17, 2018 |

Realtime Price – $3.99

It’s FORBIDDEN! They know it’s a risk. But, do they have a choice?

Child abuse from her dad brought Prudence Evans Read More

The Most Eligible Bachelor: A Texas Love Story by Bella Winters

February 22, 2018 |

Realtime Price – $15.99

I was just a simple girl from a tiny town in Texas. I’d had one man in my life, in my bed, in my body, and that ended in a nightmare. Read More

My Best Friend’s Dad by Bella Winters

January 27, 2018 |

Realtime Price – $2.99

Why does something so wrong feel so right?
And would this mean, I lose my daughter forever?
I can’t let that happen!
Read More

Yours Forever: A Holiday Romance by Bella Winters

November 20, 2017 |

Realtime Price – $3.99

A Luxury Cruise. A Handsome Guitarist. A near perfect holiday!
Read More

Claimed by Mia Ford & Bella Winters

September 27, 2017 |

Realtime Price – $3.99

I have only days to find a wife.

Claiming any woman is not a problem if you have deep pockets
My parents want me to be married, Read More