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Ebook Deals Today | February 26, 2024

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Special Access, Book 1 by Mark A. Hewitt

Special Access, Book 1 by Mark A. Hewitt

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He pledged unwavering loyalty, but destiny thrust him into the heart of betrayal. Duncan Hunter, an ex-Marine grounded by a catastrophic crash, seeks a new battleground against terrorism. The path he chooses is shrouded in secrecy—a covert CIA program tasked with eradicating Mexican poppy fields in the relentless War on Drugs.

As Hunter dives into the treacherous world of intelligence, his commitment is tested when a friend’s life hangs in the balance. Fleeing from the shadows as his cover is compromised, Hunter must navigate a deadly game, forming alliances while evading the crosshairs of those who would see him silenced.

In the wake of the hunt for bin Laden, Hunter unearths a web of conspiracies that threatens to ensnare him. As political machinations intertwine with jihadist plots, the scarred warrior becomes a target, facing not only ruthless politicians but also deadly snipers hell-bent on his demise.

Caught in a maelstrom of deception and danger, Hunter races against time to expose a malevolent core before it consumes him entirely. Special Access catapults you into a pulse-pounding journey through a world of corruption, where survival hinges on unmasking a sinister truth. Mark A. Hewitt’s gripping inaugural installment in the Duncan Hunter Thriller series delivers a relentless political thriller that will leave you breathless. If you crave heroes forged in the crucible of chaos, explosive adventures, and tales of corruption ripped from the headlines, don’t miss this suspense-laden masterpiece.

Genre: Thriller

Special Access (Duncan Hunter Thriller, Book 1) by Mark A. Hewitt

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