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Ebook Deals Today | November 27, 2020

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Soldier Dragon’s Second Chance by Brittany White

Soldier Dragon's Second Chance by Brittany White

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How can a soldier shifter convince his long-lost mate that they belong together when he has no memory of their life together?

The Second-Chance Mate
On the coast of Portugal, I lived a charmed life, with a loving clan, and the perfect mate. Nothing could stop our happiness.
Until a malevolent wizard arrived and attacked our clan.
He murdered everyone with dark magic, including my brave mate, who died defending us.
Now I am a dragon without a home.
Alone in the world, I escaped my country.
I fled to America, and I settled in Las Vegas, a place far different from my seaside home.
In Sin City, I joined a motorcycle club and rode a fancy bike.
For five years, I was hollow and empty, pretending to be human.
Then I felt the presence of a shifter.
But I could not let my guard down.
I would not be attacked again, so I ran away.
But before I make it on the plane, the handsome shifter catches me.
It’s my mate. He survived the attack.
But he’s not the same male he was before. And I’m not the same either.
With the forces trying to keep us apart, can we ever find our way back to each other?

The Soldier Shifter
I woke up with no memory.
I knew only my name, and my native language.
To stave off the loneliness, I joined a foreign military.
I served a country to which I did not belong.
Among human men, I knew something was different about me.
I was faster, stronger; I was invincible. But I was restless and alone.
Then an Irish witch arrived in Macedonia and told me the truth—I was a dragon.
A dragon shifter who had lost everything.
I spent weeks trying to regain my memories, to no avail,
until I found out there is a shifter in an unlikely palace—Las Vegas.
I travel to America, searching for any surviving clan member.
In Nevada, I feel the presence of a shifter—a shifter that draws me in.
But the shifter runs from me.
I chase her to the airport. When I see her face, deep in my soul, I know the truth.
I don’t have my memories, but my dragon knows her—this beautiful female is my mate.
We belong together.
But fate wants to keep us apart.

Can a dragon shifter with no memory have a second chance at love with his mate?

Note: Adults Only!

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Soldier Dragon’s Second Chance (Irish Dragon Shifter Brothers, Book 6) by Brittany White

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