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Ebook Deals Today | October 24, 2017

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30 Quirky and Interesting Scientific Facts! by Jason Keydezer

science trivia & fun facts ebook 30 Quirky and Interesting Facts! Book 1) by Jason Keydezer

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Further your scientific knowledge with these cool facts
Inside are 30 amazing scientific facts with accompanying descriptions

If you are like us, you like to learn new things whenever you can. But we feel it is just as important to gain the background knowledge and learn the reasons why things happen the way they do. So thats why each fact includes its own detailed description!
Satisfy your scientific curiosity and appear more intelligent!

If you’re ever struggling to make small talk at social functions or want to seem intelligent infront of people, just read and understand these facts so you’ll be able to call on them whenever you need!
Better understand the world around you

By reading this book, you will find out how likely you are to be struck by lightning and where most of the Earth’s oxygen comes from. Learn about love, light and airline food along the way!
The beginning of the road to discovery

This is the first book in a long line of Quirky and Interesting fact books so be sure to look out for

Genre: Science/ Triva & Fun Facts

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