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Ebook Deals Today | October 20, 2017

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NIGHT HUNTER by Carol Davis Luce (Free! Limited Time)

She is young, she is in love, and she is the first runner-up in a San Francisco beauty pageant. Regina Van Raven’s head is filled with hopes and dreams but they’re shattered in one unspeakable instant when a psychopath, obsessed with the destruction of feminine beauty, attacks her friend Corinne–the pageant winner. Corinne’s life is destroyed forever and the horror lives on in Regina’s heart. . .

Regina’s memories of the ill-fated contest have finally begun to fade. She has a successful career in television, a beautiful seventeen-year-old daughter, a whole new life. It sounds like fun when a talk show host invites the five 1970 finalists for an on-the-air reunion. But someone is waiting in the wings, ready to strike again. . .and again.

Now it’s Regina’s turn.


BONUS EDITION: This edition includes the short story, Shattered Crystal.

2/5/12 This is a NEWER edition. Revised, trimmed, formatted and repackaged. Formerly titled SKIN DEEP.

The AMAZON.COM list author says: “Fast, suspenseful read. It was a great book.  I will now be reading all other books by Carol Luce.  Don’t miss this one.”


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