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Ebook Deals Today | July 13, 2024

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Leveling (Luna’s Story Book 1) by Diana Knightley

Leveling (Luna's Story Book 1) by Diana Knightley

Realtime Price – $5.99

The oceans cover everything, the apocalypse is behind them. Before them is just water, leveling. And in the middle — they find each other.

On a desolate, military-run Outpost, Beckett has volunteered to wait for groups of nomadic paddleboarders, to order them to paddle east to the settlements, or else.

His job is noble, but also lonely, and he’s worried, because the water keeps rising, and the building he’s living on could crumble into the sea at any moment.

Then Luna bumps her paddleboard up to the glass windows of his outpost and disrupts everything. She’s alone, seeking shelter and food, and seems open, hopeful, and happy to be alive.

And soon Beckett has something and someone to live for.

But maybe everything about her is not as it seems.

Because Luna is traveling under a fake name, hiding something deep. Because a nomadic paddleboarder without a family is a disaster. And Luna can’t tell him about it, because some words are too painful to speak out loud.

Can Beckett see to the depths of her mystery before it’s too late?

Genre: SciFi, Romance

Leveling (Luna’s Story Book 1) by Diana Knightley

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