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Ebook Deals Today | July 10, 2020

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Let Me In by Ali Parker

Let Me In by Ali Parker

Realtime Price – $4.99

He said I couldn’t do it, but he was wrong.

An old professor at UCLA promised me that I would make nothing of myself, so I made sure I did.

To the tune of billions. I’m only a little cocky about it.

Yachts, parties, and one-night events pretty much spell out my life.

And all of it works well until I run into a beauty I can’t get out of my head.

But we’re keeping it friendly and casual until we aren’t.

There’s just one problem. Her old man hates me.

And for good reason. He was my UCLA professor.

He’s dead set against me becoming anything important to his little girl, but the old man’s got it all backward.

I’m not looking to make an example out of our passion or prove a point.

This isn’t about hit it and quit it.

His daughter is mine, and he might kick me out, but she’s letting me all the way in.

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romance

Let Me In by Ali Parker

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