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Ebook Deals Today | November 21, 2017

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Get Three Free Humor Kindle Books for Friday

free kindle books

Get Three Free Humor Kindle Books for Friday!!

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free kindle booksThe Mancode: Exposed (A Humor Collection)
***You will either LOVE this controversial book or you will HATE it. If you have no sense of humor, DO NOT BUY IT.***
  • ‘I’m over forty. I don’t have a blankie. I have vodka.’ 
  • Note: this is not a book of advice, how-to, or self-help. The author deconstructs stereotypes with satire. Totally different concept. 
  • ‘I write about men, women, sex, & chocolate. My experiences, my truth, my martinis.’ 
  • *Note: Thompson employs hashtags (i.e., the # sign) in her collection. Google it. These are not typos, people #deargod.
  • Looking for a humorous take on family relationships or love and romance? Look no further

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free kindle booksShrinkage
Is it in yet? It’s the phrase that no man ever wants to hear. Luckily, Tim Garrett has never heard those words. At least he has never heard them out loud despite being on the wrong side of the bell curve in the male endowment department. It has taken many years, but Tim has finally come to terms with being slightly below average below the belt. His life isn’t bad, he doesn’t hate his job, his girlfriend Jill is hot and doesn’t seem to mind his physical attribute. Things are good. That is, until the day Jill dumps him and his world comes crashing down around him.

That’s when Tim decides to make some changes in his life; big changes. When a bizarre mixture of pills combined with a not-as-directed, inventive use of an electronic device prove incredibly successful, Tim’s life begins to change for the better both in and out of the bedroom. But when things grow a little too much, everything spins out of control and the words be careful what you wish for begin to take on an entirely new meaning. SHRINKAGE is a somewhat raunchy and completely funny comedy, which is intended for contemporary mature audiences only. (Whatever the hell that means…)

Download here (confirm still free before downloading):



free kindle booksThe Mary Celeste Papers
Murder, mass media, mayhem and mirth! And all because Billy Gaines happened across an old ship’s log. Vincent thinks that he has solved two of the world’s great maritime mysteries at a stroke. The CIA wants to shred the evidence, the Mob wants a share of the action, Francine wants justice, Billy wants equilibrium and Gapeela wants 15 percent. Dave is happy just to torture himself.

Paul Gallimore’s first novel is a hugely original fusion of ideas, where raw humour transmutes into whodunit, and science fiction blurs with cold fact. Did the US Navy really conduct a top secret experiment into invisibility in 1943? Just what did happen to the Mary Celeste? And will the truth finally lie somewhere in the ocean between Fulham and Philadelphia? The Mary Celeste Papers – A Railwayman’s Tale is a nostalgic and hilarious homage to Britain’s dysfunctional, nationalised railway of the 1970’s, seen through the teenaged eyes of the author; a British Railways apprentice at the time.

It is tempting to compare this work to that of other British humour writers, such as Tom Sharpe, or Terry Pratchett, but The Mary Celeste Papers stands apart due to its often grimy slices of reality. The book is a unique combination of laugh-out-loud comedy, whodunit, science fiction, social commentary and autobiography. It entertains royally on all levels.Well written, thought provoking and filled to the brim with fully-formed, larger than life characters, this book demands to be read. Give it a try, you will not be disappointed.

Download here (confirm still free before downloading):

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