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Ebook Deals Today | July 13, 2024

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Fake and Forbidden by Sofia T Summers

Fake and Forbidden by Sofia T Summers

Realtime Price – $0.99

Four fake relationships.
Four broken hearts in need of healing love.
Four scorching hot love stories. (Includes a never before published brand new full length romance – No Strings Attached).

Fall in love with these fake and forbidden romances as they set your Kindle on fire. Swoonworthy heroes, toe curling O’s, heart-stopping kisses, no cheating, or cliffhangers, wonderful hea’s … all of it and just one rule: Feelings are forbidden.

Book 1: Just Friends
We had a good thing going until we began destroying it.
A fake engagement combined with real feelings is a cocktail that’s lethal.
Now imagine that cocktail with a drizzle of pregnancy and whole lot of craziness…
I doubt either of us will come out of this thing sober!

Book 2: Just Pretend
We’ve been best friends for years and are already roomies.
We know each other almost better than we know ourselves.
But our fake marriage leads to other very real things.
Real touches that light my body on fire.
Real feelings that sear my soul.
And real consequences that will arrive in nine months.

Book 3: Our Little Secret
It must’ve sounded so simple in his head.
Hire an actress, pretend to be happily married, win an election.
And then say goodbye with no issues whatsoever.
Sure, it would’ve been simple if…
I wasn’t his ex-girlfriend.
And also if… I hadn’t given birth to his baby.
And… wait for it… if I had told him about the baby.

Book 4: No Strings Attached
Yes! Nate is going to be my “husband” for six days in Maui.
We’ll pretend to be madly in love, and then return home – no strings attached.
I’ll buy my own ring, hold his hand, maybe kiss his cheek for appearances,

And then my mom’s meddling will be over. Forever.
I just did not anticipate how good Nate is at ‘playing the part.’

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Fake and Forbidden: The Complete Contemporary Romance Collection (Forbidden Romance Box Set) by Sofia T Summers

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