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Ebook Deals Today | April 21, 2024

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Cascade, Book 1 by Zane Emerson

Cascade, Book 1 by Zane Emerson

Realtime Price – $2.99

Jordon is a Dungeon Master, and he liked to think he was a decent one after a whole year of writing and running his own home-brewed campaign. He just didn’t think he was so good at it that he could actually write a Fallen God into existence that was hellbent on destroying the multiverse. So, when a character from that very campaign shows up on his doorstep, begging for his help in saving her world, it was only responsible for Jordon to step up and save it, right?

With his Outcasts behind him, Jordon descends through the Cadinari Stream and into a world of his own creation, finding that the life of an Adventurer is much more than improv and dice rolls. And Taldora, that world he had only seen in his dreams, was full of more wonders and mystery than even he had imagined.

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Young Adult

Cascade (The Cadinari Stream, Book 1) by Zane Emerson

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